This peer group is a safe and supportive space for adults with anxiety to connect with others, share experiences and learn coping mechanisms. We are all in this together and we ask everyone to apply common sense and respect for one another.

Core principles

These are the glue that binds groups together and help us all:

  1. Confidence: anonymity creates a safe space.
  2. Respect: we don’t judge.
  3. Mutual aid: we lift others when we’re up and know others will do the same when we’re down.
  4. Hope: we never give up looking for it.
  5. Self-care: we practice it and encourage others to do the same.


What we expect of everyone joining groups.

  • Commit to the full time. This shows that you are committed to supporting others and being supported yourself.
  • No confidential information. This is a safe space for everyone, and we want to protect everyone’s confidentiality.
  • Be respectful to one another. This means being kind, compassionate and supportive. It also means avoiding offensive language or behaviour.
  • No offensive material. This includes anything that is sexually suggestive, violent, discriminatory or triggering.
  • Keep it anonymous and no posting meeting content on social media. This helps to protect everyone’s privacy and confidentiality.
  • Adults only. Peer groups are for adults over the age of 18 only.

Additional Guidelines

Tips for making and giving the most of sessions.

  • Listen actively. This means paying attention to what the speaker is saying and responding in a way that shows you understand.
  • Share your own experiences and perspectives, but don’t assume it’ll be the antidote for another. Everyone’s journey is different and what works for one person may not work for another.
  • Be mindful of the time and space. Be respectful of the fact that everyone has a chance to share and don’t dominate the conversation.
  • Take breaks if you need them. It’s OK to step out of the meeting for a few minutes if you need to take a break.
  • You don’t need to speak if you’re not happy to. Anyone is entitled to just listen in if that’s what they need at that moment.

We take this code seriously for all of our interests

If anyone violates the code of conduct, they may be asked to leave the meeting and may result in being banned from peer groups.

Reporting Concerns

If you have any concerns about someone’s behaviour in the peer group, please report them to the group facilitator.

We appreciate your cooperation in creating a safe and supportive space for everyone