👋 Goodbye Public Speaking Nerves

Practice your big talk or impromptu conversation with real people

Most of us fret over speaking in public and some of us struggle with social anxiety. Practicing at home is great, but doing it on friends or family just isn’t the same.

Walk The Talk lets you practice whatever talking gig or social interaction is playing on your mind. Practice on others feeling exactly the same way. Build real-world experience and increase confidence.

How it works

1. Schedule

Select what you’re practicing, the audience size and what role you’d like your audience to play.

Your session can be just you and one other person, or up to six of you. The audience can just listen, give feedback or role play.

2. Turn up

We’ll match you with others and email an invite, along with the role of the audience for each speaker.

Each session is 30 minutes on Zoom. If you’re paired 1:1 then split the time. If you’re in a group of 6, then everyone gets 5 minutes each as the speaker.

3. Support others

At the end of your time, you’ll become an audience member and be able to support those who listened to you.

That’s it. What you decide talk about is up to you (see house rules). Schedule as many sessions as often as you need.

Register for slots

Take a leap and leave your email. We’ll email a list of session dates and times to book (there’s no cost). All we ask is you commit to support others on the call, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the house rules?

This is a community project and we’re all in this together. Therefore we ask everyone to apply common sense, namely:

  • Commit to the full 30 minutes (to support others as they support you)
  • No confidential information (e.g. if you’re practicing a work presentation)
  • Be respectful to one another
  • No offensive material
  • Keep it anonymous and no posting meeting content on social (unless everyone is happy with it)
  • Adults only

How often can I join sessions?

As often as you like.

Why does this exist?

Even at the best of times, most of us feel nervous for a big speech or social interaction (hello, conference presentation or meeting your partner’s parents for the first time). But the pandemic has made our lives smaller, giving us fewer opportunities to practice and making us more insulated.

I feel this (I’m Thomas). I went from not thinking twice when presenting to large audiences, to getting anxiety attacks in every day conversation or meetings. It’s rubbish, but getting frustrated doesn’t help, and the more you dwell on it and the more expectation you heap on yourself, the more you fret.

One day a few months ago I decided to stop beating myself up about it and the why me? and came up with a sort of ‘workout’ plan for myself. I started to throw myself into daily interactions outside of my comfort zone. Each time I dialled up the fear factor a little more (for example, making the audience size a little larger). Fast forward to today and I’m a lot more accepting, confident and comfortable than I was in those dark days.

I’ve also been here before. I know that anxiety won’t go away, but I do know that I enjoy the days when I remember when something used to trigger a spiral of anxiety.

I believe that confidence is a muscle. Walk The Talk is about giving you an easy way to train yours.

What can I practice?

Walk The Talk is perfect for anyone in need of some practice for a big talk or social interaction.

  • Job interviews
  • Big speeches
  • Presentations or pitches
  • Storytelling
  • General social anxiety (impromptu conversations)

What’s the catch with no cost?

No catch. Right now it’s just using Zoom and my time to match people. This is an experiment and I’d like it to just be a community thing and unless there’s a need to have any running costs, then I don’t plan on asking anyone to contribute.

How do I contact you?

You can email me (Thomas) – walkthetalkorguk@gmail.com. To start with I’ll join each call so you’ll get to meet me. I’m looking forward to comments and feedback.