What to expect at a WalkTheTalk meeting

Before the meeting

  • You’ll make contact with the group facilitator, who’ll welcome you and answer any questions you have
  • You’re not obligated to commit to anything at this stage or to say anything at a meeting
  • You’ll join the session either in person or online
  • If you are joining online, you can have your camera off if you prefer

During the meeting

  • The facilitator will introduce the meeting and state the group principles
  • Returning members will have a chance to check in and share how they are feeling
  • New members will have a chance to introduce themselves, but you are not obligated to say anything if you are not comfortable
  • The group will focus on 1-2 struggling moments that members are experiencing. The facilitator will ask questions and help problem solve. You can listen or join in to lend your own experience.
  • The formal part of the session will end with a closing

After the meeting

  • Many groups have an optional social time after the meeting, where members can continue chatting or even go out for a social event. This is a great opportunity to develop and deepen relationships with your peers.

Tips for new members

  • There’s no rush to join. You can take your time and get to know the group before you participate.
  • You don’t have to say anything if you’re not comfortable. Just listening is fine.
  • Be honest with the group about how you’re feeling. The other members are there to support you.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The facilitator and other members are there to help you.

WalkTheTalk support groups can be a valuable resource if you’re experiencing social anxiety. They provide a safe and supportive environment where you can share their experiences, practice and grow following our process – at your own pace. It could be a life-changing experience.