Develop your map

Start here!

The first step to overcoming social anxiety is to understand what triggers it and how its grip takes hold for you. Everyone’s anxiety is unique to them. This exercise is designed to help you identify your unique imprint of anxiety.


The rewarding work

The key to overcoming social anxiety is to drop your safety behaviours and focus outwardly. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. Use our experiment template to plan, try and learn from new experiences.

Outward attention

It takes practice

Focusing outward attention in social settings means paying attention to the people around you and the environment, rather than focusing on yourself and your anxiety. It’s a skill to learn.

Safety behaviours

Work out what they are

Safety behaviours are things you do to avoid anxiety in social situations, but they keep you from overcoming it. Follow our guide to discover yours.

Members principles

What groups live by

We hope they’re common sense, but our principles exist to help us all feel safe, welcomed and looked after in group settings.

Facilitator guide

Our guide for people leading groups

Whether you’re starting a group, taking the reins or just subbing-in for one session, facilitating a group is rewarding and meaningful step in overcoming social anxiety – and giving back.

First experiment

Follow this and see what happens

You’ve probably been directed here by a WalkTheTalk group member. Welcome to your first challenge. When you’re ready, follow these steps.