Start a social anxiety support group

Our vision is to become the ‘AA for social anxiety’ – a peer group on every doorstep in the UK. We’re putting together a free training and support package to set groups and volunteers up for success. This will include highly transferrable leadership and communication skills, social anxiety and WalkTheTalk know-how, and safeguarding and mental health training.

While we’re still just two and half years into our journey, we’ve witnessed the transformative effect of running a group on one’s social anxiety recovery – personally and on others who’ve gone on to run groups. It’s the ultimate confidence boost, provides a healthy sense of responsibility and is phenomenally rewarding seeing others make progress in their own journey. We’re refining our meeting process too and early results are showing average drops of 20% in social anxiety after 4-5 sessions.

If you’d like to learn more about starting your own group, email our founder Tom at